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Removing Tick from Dog

I found an embedded tick on my dog's chin after we came in from our walk.


Removing Tick from Dog on Walk

This is a short video removing a tick from my dog.  I did not use the tick repellent as I wanted to illustrate how to use the tick on your dog.  The tick is not embedded but you would follow the same procedure if it were.  The tick key is thin and can be carried in a pocket. Alternatively, you can attach a carabiner and clip it to your belt loop or purse.  You can purchase a carabiner at any hardware store.


What Do Ticks Look Like?

This is a short video for anyone who has never seen a tick.  Also, you can see how the tick is repelled by my homemade tick repellent. 


Homemade Tick Repellent for Dogs

Making a homemade tick repellent for your dog is easy, affordable, effective and pet safe.  Most of the ingredients you already have in your home.  There are many variations to making tick repellents using various combinations of essential oils.