Frozen Carrot Treat

Here I am making frozen carrot treats for Kumason. I decided to add some blueberries to each mold at the end.


Homemade Dog Treat

Homemade frozen treat for your dog; a great way to cool your dog off on a hot summer day.


Dog Eats a Green Bean

I decided to give Kumason a green bean for the first time instead of a commercial dog treat. I think at first he thought it was a toy the way he flipped it around.


Feeding Your Dog

Feeding your dog should be a fun, pleasurable and palatable experience.  Kumason, my 117 pound American Akita has two meals a day.  While everyone feeds their dog a different diet and in a different manner, here is what I do.  I like to mix a small amount of boiling water into his kibble as it makes a gravy.  I'm careful not to add too much water so that it doesn't become mushy.  Once it cools, I add his probiotic which I give him around two times a week.  I frequently add white rice and shredded cheddar cheese but not all the time.  I don't want him to become over weight and put all that stress on his hips and joints, especially when he gets older.   It's easier to maintain a good weight than it is to lose the weight.  He gets kelp every day.  Sometimes I give him cooked yams, sweet potatoes and carrots.  The carrots I give him either raw or cooked.