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About Me

I've loved animals ever since I can remember. Growing up I had a Dalmatian, Half-Moon Conure, Parakeets, rats, turtles, frogs and whatever else I could catch. I always enjoyed learning about mammals, reptiles and birds and had quite the collection of books. I knew someday that I would want my own dog that I could raise from puppyhood. In February 2013 I brought home my gorgeous 16 week old American Akita whom I named Kumason. I named him Kumason because in Japanese that means bear and he looks like a white polar bear. He is the most amazing, loyal, loving, silly and fantastic dog! We spend a lot of time together and I enjoy taking him places. I also have a family of five beautiful chinchillas. In the summer of 2008, I purchased my first chinchilla, a female whom I named Mallory when she was about 5 months old. About 6 months later I decided to get her a playmate. I bought a male and named him Spike. When I tried to introduce them, they did not like each other so I had to keep them in separate cages next to each other. Finally, after about 3 months, I was able to put them together. When I came home from picking up my daughter from the movies one night, I had a furry little surprise waiting for me at the bottom of the cage. I named him Baby. I did not even know that Mallory was pregnant! Then, you guessed it, 100 days later, the same thing happened. This time, there were two more kits. I named them Enzo and Ferruccio. The three kits were males. I had the father and offspring all neutered. They are a happy little jumpy family who eat anything in sight including the floor and walls.

Because I love my pets so much and consider them a member of my family, I often thought about what would happen to them if I were away from home and became ill or injured. Who would even know they were home alone? It sure would be nice if they were able to communicate like us and call for help.

I started to think about what to do and came up with the idea of the Pet Emergency Care Card. It's a small wallet sized card, 2”H x 3 1/2”L that can be laminated once filled out. I carry this card with me at all times whether I'm at work, shopping or driving my car. Aside from my main contacts, I even put my veterinarian's name and number on it as well as my breeder. I now have piece of mind knowing that my fur babies will be safely take care of by the contacts on my Pet Emergency Care Card.

I know other people love their pets like I do, so I hope that this card will give you the peace of mind that it gives me.