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Tick Remover (Gold or Sand)

  • 99.9 percent effective on safely removing all sizes and types of ticks from pets and people
  • Effortlessly removes entire tick with one swipe whether embedded or not
  • Endorsed by the American Canine Association, veterinarians and physicians
  • High strength anodized aluminum, thin enough for pocket or wallet or conveniently fits on key chain or carabiner
  • Easy to see tick on gold and bronze keys

Product Description

The tick key will quickly, safely and effectively remove all sizes and types of ticks. It is the easiest tick remover on the market and will remove the tick, head and all. Ticks carry many pathogens such as lyme disease, ehrlichiosis and others that are harmful to pets and humans. It is very important to remove a tick the proper way and not to get tick saliva or blood on your skin. If you pull on a tick with tweezers, this can tear the mouth parts from the body of the tick and leave embedded parts in you or your pet.



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